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I've always loved the South of the Border billboards (PEDRO'S WEATHER FORECAST: CHILI TODAY, HOT TAMALE). They are perfect in their tackiness. I've gotta try to visit the place before we move back to the West Coast.

Fayetteville? You were just down the road from me. Hope you enjoyed NC and SC. Good thing the humidity hasn't kicked into high gear yet.

Jeff Mariotte

There was plenty of humidity when we were in New Orleans. Temp was about 92, but with the humidity added the "heat index" was between 105-110. It's a cliche to point out that the heat in the southwest is a "dry heat," but it's also very true. 105 there just doesn't feel as wet and sticky as 105 in the southeast.


I did not really know how bad the humidity was in the Southeast until I lived in Oregon. This will only be my second summer in ten years back in NC and I'm very ready to be away from it again!


I just visited my dad in West Virginia for Father's Day weekend, so I wasn't too far from you. :)

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