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I hope at least some of the required changes make killing the darlings easier, or at least suggest artistic ways to proceed. Hang in there.

Johnny Crow

Jeff, I do hope it all is going well. I know as any writer we never really want to throw away what we have written. 125,000 words huh I would still like to read it. Even if it's out of Continuity. I love the show Las Vegas. Now knowing that you are doing this piece I am that much more greatful. I am sure whatever cuts, edits or changes you will make will come out as if you had it all planned that way.

Let us know how it goes.


Jeff, i don't know if you will anwser me, but i have a question......Did mary spend 6 months with jake in hawai? 6 monyhs it's a lot of time.....and i'm afraid that i cannot buy the book cuz i will move to europe in october.



I won't tell what happens with Mary and Jake, but I will tell you that they only stay in Hawaii for the two weeks they they said, at the end of Season 2, that they said they were going for.

Where in Europe are you going? I've lived in France and Germany. And you still should be able to get the book, online if not locally.

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