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Johnny Crow

I have only caught small moment of the coverage, and you are right he has handled it far better than he did 9/11. I do wish all those in New Orleans the best, and can only hope for those who have been hurt by this storm.

As far as looters, I think they be impaled on tall poles and left to watch the world move by without them.


That's the way I'm leaning too. I saw a woman on TV today going through her mobile home, destroyed by a falling tree, and she discovered that looters had gone in and stolen her TV and computer. How low can you get?


Re: looters - yeah, they deserve evil, because what they're doing is beyond belief.

My client's trade show: not yet official, but canceled - due to take place in NOLA in 3 weeks. It's their big convention/money maker. This is a non-profit trade organization that deals with blue collar type folks.

More money lost. More lives affected by this disaster. I'm afraid the repercussions will be felt for many years.

My heart and thoughts are with everyone who's been affected.


Book Expo America has been considering moving their trade show around to more cities, like they used to in years gone by (the first time I ever went to NOLA was for an ABA convention, as they were once called), including to NOLA. I really hope they do. Once the city is dried off and cleaned up, they're going to need all the tourism and convention business they can get.

Johnny Crow

I suppose it's true that disasters can bring the best and the worst out in people. I just have no idea how people can stoop this low.



has some interesting points about looting.


I know one thing...next year's Mardi Gras is going to make all of the previous carnivals look collectively like a bunch of baby showers. N'awlins needs to show the world it's still standing, and they'll do it the best way they know how, with a party. :)

And, can I just say, I'm repulsed by a certain cable news network which is currently running promos proudly boasting that they were the "first one to get an anchor in to New Orleans!!!" Just once, can these people realize that the story isn't about THEM?


I hope folks will have a way to return to their businesses, even if they aren't the same physically, so we can support the economic infrastructure restoration by buying stuff, even if we can't play tourist for a while.
There are some great art shops in the French Quarter we saw when we were there in June, and the toy soldier shop, and the Little Toy Shop and Faulkner House and ... and ... and ...






Interesting story, Carl.

Let me clarify--at this point, I see nothing wrong with hungry people, trapped in the city where there is no power, no open food stores, etc., helping themselves to food, especially perishables that will go to waste before the city is on its feet again. But stealing stuff from neighbors who have lost almost everything--going into small businesses and ripping off the merchandise they're going to need to be able to sell to get back on their feet--that kind of thing is absolutely reprehensible and unjustifiable.

And Shiai, I'm right there with you, man. Mardi Gras '06. Let's go.


Yup. Taking potable water is pretty much expected. But 27" TV sets? ... not exactly necessities there.


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