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Joseph Dilworth Jr.

Hm, well, without dialogue I can't be sure, but this would seem to answer the question of Gunn surviving the final episode throw-down.


Party in Gunn's eye socket and everyone's invited!

Sean Thomson

Any chance that third page suggests things aren't quite right between Angel and Gunn?

Steve Brady

What's that thing going into the back of his head?


I don't see which panel you're talking about, Steve.

I really wanted to give Gunn a false arm with a screw-in hole where he could attach stakes, hooks, etc., as needed, but that was one of the things I didn't get to do.

This time...

Johnny Crow

These rock Jeff, I cant wait to get #5 and of course the new series either.

Maria Santos

This is great! I just picked up #5 and am looking foward to more Angel!

Maria Santos

Looking foward to the new series.


I knew Xander and Gunn have similarites, but this is taken it too much. lol

Gunn's sister got vamped and he was the one who dusted her, after that he got a vampire-complex. Xander's friend got vamped and Xander dusted him, after that he started disliking vampires.

The attitude. Both are attitude boys, both snarky and sharp.

They don't trust vampires and look at life in black and white view.

Both are underestimated by their friends. To his friends, Gunn is only the muscle and to his friends Xander is only the loyal friend.

Both are insecure about their value in the group. Gunn in Conviction and Xander in The Zeppo.

Johnny Crow

Damn Farah, thats a good eye. I never really thought about the similaritys that way. Interesting how they can both be alike in so many way and yet still be themselves. I love it.


Cool, Gunn survived?

love that, Gunn's my second fave character in the Buffy- and Angelverse, right after Spike, so seeing that he survived is definitely a good thing.

Now if only we could get a Gunn and Spike series and it'd be perfect.

Original Julien

Does anybody what's happend with Illyria? She's my favorite caracther and we didn't see her as musch as i'd like to. Will she be in Angel: Old Friends? And it'd be cool to see Drusilla as the bad guy! Don't you think? And did you hear talk about what Whedon said the 8th October 2005? He want Marti Noxon and Tim Minear to do a movie about Spike with Illyria and Willow!


Illyria's pretty hard to kill...

Original Julien

I don't think Whedon and Greenwalt would accept Illyria to die, she's new and not explore as much as the others caracter.


i think it sucks gunn surivived it kinda takes away his last hour moment thing in nfa


whens old friends coming out anyway

Original Julien

You're right Rick! And Joss said Gunn's died, during a interview. With all the blood he loose how could he be still alive? He'd need a miracle! And do you remember when Illyria said that?
Illyria: You're fading. You'll last 10 minutes at best.
Gunn: Then let's make 'em memorable
Another proof that Gunn's not supposed to be alive.

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