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wow -- "TV Guide," IMDB -- what's next? The Hollywood Walk of Fame?


Maria Y Lima

Dude, IMDB - that's just...wow. If M'e's right, you *must* have a fame party when you get your shiny star on the sidewalk. ::g::

I can now say I'm related to someone who's listed on IMDB - radical!


Wow, congratulations! Being a big user of IMDB, I'm very impressed that you and George Clooney are now kept in the same database!

Johnny Crow

Thats Awesome Jeff, glad to hear stardom isn't going to your head.. haha, j/k.

Im not a huge fan of digital comics as most of them are, ... well bad. But I do love one in particular called Real Life, http://www.reallifecomics.com/ it is a great one.

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