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If this trend continues (let's here it for tyranny from the cranky minority), it'll be interesting to watch the bastions of family values slug it out with traditional allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as Halloween is now the second highest revenue generating holiday in America (after Christmas, of course). When it comes to possibly losing billions of dollars in costume, decoration and candy sales, even the most right conservative capitalist will tell the religious right to sit down and shut up.


excellent point, Shiai

what country are we living in again?

Joseph Dilworth Jr.

This is unbelievably stupid...


The funniest part is that Halloween is actually from Christianity... Started by the Irish to celebrate All Saints Eve... People should stop watching movies for all their information and pick up a history book once in a while.

Then again, I'm from Australia and we dont even HAVE Halloween, so what would I know?

Johnny Crow

This is perhaps a stab back at not letting people bring god into school or not being able to pledge. My problem with this whole thing, is that yes you should question holidays, you should question authority. We as american have had a history of having seperation of church and state, and as such it should be. The problem is that people think that Halloween is a part of religion, for all intents and purposes, it may have once been but it is not now in america. Some say it has root in All Saints eve, other in The Mexican Day of the Dead. Which somewhat stem from old religious customs but in fact now do not have anything to do with such things. It is a celebration of the dead to some, or perhaps a celebration of all those things the scare us, those fictitional things we have grown to somewhat love, Vampires, witches and such. And yet we come back to the fact that some actually believe that it is a holiday, Samhain is a holiday, Halloween is not. Its candy, and Dressing up and having fun. What is the problem with that, are the same people who believe in thier fairy tale religion the same the believe those of us who like halloween worship the devil, of course they do, because they are stupid, just look at em. I can't believe that I am geneticly similar to these retards.

I am sorry for ranting like that but it chaps my ass that there are people out there who still believe that crap. Oh and BTW the Buddhist could never be offended, they show support for peoples belief and are understanding in thier view of the world.

Ill shut up now.

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