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I understand your concerns about Amazon, particularly in the face of Mom 'n Pop stores being squeezed more and more these days (one I'd visit a few times up in Evanston, Illinois close recently due to having both a Borders and a Barnes & Noble open up literally mere steps away from them, and I'm certain that Amazon didn't help matters any; ironicially, the last time I stopped in there, they had an autographed copy of "The Slab" on the shelf). I debated with myself at length before finally deciding to have my SlayerLit website become an Amazon Associate, and finally decided to do so on the basis of taking advantage of spur-of-the-moment purchases which the site may generate, which would be a benefit for the franchise (and the authors who've written for it).

On the advice of *someone*, I've also applied to be an associate of an independent store in Southern California...although I've yet to hear back from them as to whether or not they'll affiliate themselves with my sordid self. ;)



I did check for new affiliate applications on Thursday ... really I did.

Going there Right Now!


M'e: Approval received, and information forwarded to my site's web maharashi. :)

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