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Richard Anderson

Jeff, I just surfed over to Talking Points Memo.com (thanks for the link), which has a fascinating post that shows a photo Howard Kaloogian supposedly took in Baghdad was actually taken in Istanbul. Sheesh, can't the right-wingnuts find anyone with ethical integrity to run for Duke Cunningham's seat?


I was just telling Maryelizabeth about that "Baghdad" photo. A reader of The Daily Kos has now identified and posted a photo of the intersection in Istanbul that Kaloogian claimed is Baghdad. I also got an e-mail from the Francine Busby campaign--she's surging in independent polls and is within striking distance of getting the 50% she needs to win outright instead of sending the race to a run-off. With Republicans like Kaloogian shooting themselves in the foor (or the face, Cheney-style) she may just pull it off.

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