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Maria Y. Lima

Stella Stevens, Ruth Buzzi, June Lockhart! I am sooo old. ::g::

Sounds like a fun time was had by all, cuz. (Except for the freaky weather on the way home.)

Richard Anderson

I knew the Rebs tended to dress in grey, but I didn't know their uniforms would be *THAT* grey.


Nice pics of the cancan girls. ;) The Festival of the West was a good time... I especially enjoyed the Buffalo Soldiers. Glad to know you had a good time too. :)

(The cancan girl in the blue)



Oh, you're the cute one! (Just kidding, all were cute ones, and extremely talented.)

I just happened to pass through the tent on my way somewhere when you guys were on stage, saw you dancing and had to stop for the show. I snapped a couple of pics from pretty far back, not thinking they'd come out at all, but that one worked pretty well. If you'd like a larger digital copy of it, just let me know here or at jmariotte@aol.com.

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