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J. Carson Black

I agree---Glenn and I love Keith! We call him the Last Man Standing. You hear things on his show you won't hear on, say, Hardball--which is basically softball for the Republicans paired with an obsession for Hilary.

Of course, I love the other news channel, the Comedy channel--Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert. Add Imus in the Morning and I've got my day planned.

Gorgeous birds, btw. Phainopeplas are a particular favorite of mine. They really go out on a limb (joke for those who have seen this bird in action).


Did Bill O'Reilly send him a cake? Was it ticking? ;)


If O'Reilly's ratings keep sinking he's going to be glad Keith keeps promoting him.

I love Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, too (Stewart more, as I think Colbert's shtick might get wearying after too long). It's scary how many people think that if they watch those shows they'll get all the news they need, but the same can be said about 24 hours of Fox.


Wasn't there a survey in '04 that said something to the effect that a majority of college-age people got their news from Jon Stewart, rather than traditional newspapers or television? I recall Jon rather recoiling in horror from that, and saying that no one should be turning to him for their full news coverage.

When Colbert is in the groove, particularly when he's got a "fellow" Conservative as his guest, he's sublimely brilliant. But yeah, sometimes the faux Bush boosting gets a bit tiring.

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