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Johnny Crow

You know.. I have just gotten so dissapointed over the years, at the cancellation at really good shows that I just dont watch t.v. much anymore. If I like a series or I hear something is good, Ill just buy the DVD set. This also frees up more time for me to write and read and have a life. A lot of peoples lives would feel awkward without television.. but for me, it would be just one less headache. The only reason I like computers (even though I am too good at them) is because of the easy access to information and my ability to type faster than I can write. Thats what I have to say about it.


All awards shows, to some degree or another, are inane. It basically comes down to a lot of millionaires patting themselves on the backs. And the Emmys, in particular have made some incredibly boneheaded choices over the years.

But I've come up with an idea that I want to pitch to them, so that they can at least go back and undo some of the damage they're done over the years: The Retro-Emmy (or, if you like, the We Screwed Up the First Time, So Here's Where We Make Good Emmy). In essence, each year the show will look back into TV history and award Emmys to deserving actors who did not receive them at the time. I'm not talking about Lifetime Achievement Awards, or anything like that...these would be actual Best Actor, Best Actress awards for specific performances.

I even have three choices for them to kick the whole concept off with (and yes, if you can believe it, the following three individuals never won an Emmy Award):

Andy Griffith for the "Alcohol and Old Lace" episode from the first season of the Andy Griffith Show.

Alyson Hannigan for "Dopplegangland" from BtVS S3.

And Jackie Gleason for...well, for every single episode of the Honeymooners. :)

See how easy that would be? ;)


I like it. Maybe part of the show could be dedicated to taking away Emmys from people who clearly don't deserve them.

The DVD has definitely made it easier to watch TV series in their entirety, and on one's own schedule. I think you lose a little something taking it out of its cultural context, which sometimes includes the commercials and the little news teasers, etc., and which can add unintentional irony and occasional enjoyment to the viewing experience. I could do without the bugs in the corner, though--or those ever-larger, animated ones that practically fill the whole bottom 1/4 of the screen.

In many ways, I think we're living through a kind of golden age of TV that has serious intent, demonstrated craft and artistic command of the medium (thanks in no small part to HBO). Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke" (running again tonight) is the single best thing I've seen on Katrina. I keep pushing "The Wire" but it is truly excellent TV. Ditto "The Shield" and much of "The Sopranos." "The Office," "My Name is Earl," and "Entourage" are up there with the best sitcoms of the past couple of decades, if not at "Dick Van Dyke Show" and "I Love Lucy" levels.

Of course, TV also has "American Idol," "Pimp My Ride," Fox "News" and that show about the Dog family bounty hunters to answer for, so it's not all classic stuff. But there's enough truly worthwhile programming on, if you look for it, to pay back an investment in time. Maybe too much, because we could all stand to get out more.

Except, apparently, for Lindsay Lohan, who needs to get out a little less.

Johnny Crow

Haha, that was a great line about Lindsay Lohan.. even though she is hot to me for some odd reason... Ok I will concede to the fact that watching and waiting for a show has its signifcance and excitement level hightened versus watching it on DVD. I do miss (some) of the commercials and such. However, some of the sitcoms come on at times I am not available. Which is why I would need a tivo, but then again you loose part of that suspence. Part of my enjoyment from watching Angel every week was for that reason. I love the food network, TLC, Discovery and all those, because they are usually making a show with a purpose. Sitcoms have not been my think too much, but I understand thier signifcance, and I do love some of them. But for me, the shows I seem to love and want to watch almost always get booted because of a low market or some crap. So on the occasion I do watch T.V. I do find things to watch that are worth it, but for me.. my time is better spent doing other things.


Okay, here's my thought on your idea about taking Emmys away, Jeff: Each year during the broadcast, viewers during the first hour can vote by phone on online for one single past winner to have their award taken away. The votes are then tabulated, and in the last portion of the show we follow a special Emmy Extraction Team, which breaks into the home of the targeted winner commando-style, "liberates" the statuette, and escapes. Cue in appropriate "Mission: Impossible" mood music, and we're set for some good tee vee. :P


We've been watching a lot of "Mythbusters" on Discovery Channel--great fun, and it's one of the few places on TV where you can watch genuinely intelligent, educated people talking to each other.

I like the "Mission: Impossible" approach. If Tom Cruise's career keeps sinking, he may volunteer to be part of the team...


There is one positive that comes out of the Emmys--the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation founded in 2002 by Bradley Whitford (with whom we watched Monty Python's "Holy Grail" in New York--we knew he was in the audience but he didn't know we were) and Jane Kaczmarek. Since Emmy "red carpet" outfits aren't worn again once the carpet is rolled up and the gift bags taken home, they decided to auction them for charity. The web site is http://www.clothesoffourback.org and auctions from this year's show have started. I wonder if Jeremy Piven's ascot will be going up. Not that I could pull it off the way he did...


And the answer is no, dammit, just his John Varvatos sunglasses.

Still, I do love me some John Varvatos stuff.


Jeff have you ever seen german TV? We not only get your versions of "American Idol," "Pimp My Ride," " So you think you can dance" etc we get the german made versions of these, too. ( And we get, of course, even crappier award shows for them) You at least have some good shows so you should be lucky.
As for the Emmys, I think they have been lame for years. ( Well ok I have no idea if they ever were good, since I have been only watching for a few years, but ok)
However I would be all for nominating " Fox "News" as best drama, cause there is clearly a lot of made up stuff in there.



I have lived in Germany, so I have definitely watched German TV. You're right, it's no picnic. I was probably there before you were born, but what I remember most are all the variety shows that used to feature the same terrible entertainers, mostly Heino and Mouth and McNeal.

And yes, Fox "News" is fiction of its own special order.


Oh didn´t know that! Well you are probably the only American who I don´t need to explain Heino to. *shudders cause he is defintely not my music*


I didn't know he was still around. Yeah, he's a little strange.

Or very strange...

I lived in Worms and Schriessheim (outside Heidelberg) for about 18 months, in high school and after.

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