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I find it ironically humorous that one of the big wedges used against Davis - his courting of the Prison Guards' Union - is playing against Der Gubernator in exactly the same way. Some people apparently don't realize how fine a line must be walked with some unions.

Johnny Crow

Interesting to say the least... I wish I had an electric car.. not just because of emissons, but also because gas prices kill me.


I saw an electric Ford Escape last week, so maybe the days of the electric vehicle aren't completely gone.

CA's legislature has also passed a universal health care plan, requiring the state to come up with a way to cover everyone under a government-run universal health insurance system. This faces a potential veto by Arnold, but the efficiency, savings, and overall fairness of such a plan is undeniable (check out the success of the VA system as improved by Clinton's appointee to run it).

California has always been a bellwhether state. Let's hope it remains that way and the rest of the country follows these progressive steps.

Johnny Crow

It would be great if both the smog and the heathcare system came into being not only in California but also the rest of the country. Ever notice how almost every person Clinton appointed they actually did there job, but on top of that they usally did an outstanding Job. With or without the impeachment I would so vote for him another term. If you can say anything about him, he knew how to run this country. I mean her turned the largest deficit (at the time) in the the largest surplus in his tenure. Now we have an A-Hole who in half the time, ran up a new record deficit. GREAT JOB... dill hole.

Anywho, thats my two cents.


I think a lot of us would vote for Clinton again if we could. Not sure Bush could ever get elected to anything again, after his dismal performance.

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