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Johnny Crow

How truly sad... sigh. Why do some seemingly intelligent people go to the dark side.. I mean religion.. kinda sad and pathetic if you ask me.. but then again I can talk for hours on the subject.

Alex Doty

I think exorcism has been tried long-distance for George as well. Guess it doesn't work very well.


Maybe it works fine, maybe it's just that George is also a deluded madman.


I went to a catholic girls school where we still had nuns as some of the teachers and people there made me shakes my head. A lot.
So not really that surprised- but sheesh, I wish they would use their brains for once and not explain everything with relgion.


It would be scary to have teachers who tried to exorcise you for chewing gum in class...


Nope just for trying out an Ouja board on a class trip. Though it was not an openly exorcism. They ( a few people from my graduation year) had to come to the headmaster and swear they would never do it again. Next to her sat our schoolpriest with a cross mumbling something.
But then again my headmaster is rumoured to be in the Opus deii. So not surprised.

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