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Hey - it has to bhe at least as valid as all of the no-bid, cost-plus contracts rewarded to the Bush Friends' List after Katrina. [sigh]

At least they're consistent and predictable.


Jeff, you have to think on the bright side. The Republicans see everything as the glass half full. for every tragedy, there is boundess opportunity!


Opportunity for their friends, as Carl points out. For everyone else? Not so much.


Jeff, just endorse over your next six figure royalty check to the RNC, and you'll make friends with Dubya right quick. :P


By the time that happens he and his cronies will be long gone...unless, of course, a terrorism scare forces them to postpone the 2008 elections indefinitely.


Yes, because if you go out and que up in large lines...such as at polling places...you'll just be a target, and then the terrorists win.

But that's okay...I'm sure Diebold is already hard at work inventing a voting booth that will automatically anticipate how you intend to vote, and will cast your ballot for you without your ever having to leave your home and actually go and, you know, vote. "Oh, look...a 97% vote for the Republicans!"

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