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That's beautiful, Jeff. It really cheered me up. I've been really down in the dumps about the demotion of Pluto.


Beauty, eh? One of the many advantages of living away from cities. [sigh]

Johnny Crow

Thar' be gold in them thar' barns


At least it's not the demolition of Pluto, as Countdown keeps showing (using footage from Star Wars).

I think there's beauty to be found in cities, just of a different type and on a different scale. More of it is man-made--beautiful structures, artwork, etc. And of course in San Diego you have the coast, which especially in spots like La Jolla and Del Mar is naturally beautiful. Out here there's less of the man-made variety and more large-scale vistas, the mountains, the big skies, and so on.


Oh, Pluto, we barely knew ye!


If there are leprechauns, can they organize the toy and book boxes better?

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