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The diamondback looks nice and velvety. But forgive me if I don't try to pet him. ;)


No, you wouldn't want to do that. This is a buzzworm's best side--from behind, with him headed away from you.


Yup, I've been near enough rattlers growin' up in the great North American Outback. Disconcerting isn't quite the word I would use. What used to really scare\startle me was when a hogsnake would dart out from where I was walking. My vertical leap at those moments was pretty good.


Oh, did I mention that in telling this tale in Anaheim, at least three fairly reputable people told me that the number of people killing rattlesnakes when they locate them because they are rattling ... is resulting in the gradual Darwinian production of rattlesnakes with quieter rattles?


Were you hollering, "Go D-backs!" while wearing one of those giant foam hands? Because that would explain it. ;)

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