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Well, there go any glowing reviews for "Desperadoes" in TCJ. ;)


:: pout ::

between these stories and reading about him corresponding with Alice / James in the new Tiptree biography, I /really/ miss Harlan!


I first met Harlan in 1968. He came to my junior high school to talk to our english class (and, of course, I can't remember the teacher's name after all these decades), and had us all alternately laughing our asses off or gasping in horror until someone asked him about working on "Star Trek." That kid didn't speak to anyone for months afterward.

I ran across him occasionally after that, always in strange places - bookstores, once in a deli in L.A. - and remembered him enough to say "hi," but not much more, but he was always pleasant and personable.

I didn't see him do his famous "Exploding Ellison" bit again until one day at Comic-Con (at Golden Hall) when Frank Miller, who'd just finished "The Dark Knight Returns" was holding the stage before a large audience, and waxing omnipotent about his mastery of the genre, the universe, and everything in between. Then he made the mistake of comaring himself to Ellison. The smalish man in the seat in front of me (the lights were down, so I hadn't seen who it was) stood up and begged to differ.

He is a fascinating man, and though his public rep belies it, I've always known him to be a thoughtful and humane one.

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