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Wasn't it Rush who was asking people for their prayers and understanding a few short years ago when his drug addiction was exposed? I guess by his measure, folks like Fox are afflicted by God, and thus not worthy of consideration the way a poor "victim" like he is.

And if I'm an undecided voter in Tennessee, and I see an ad that boasts that Harold Ford can score hot babes at the Playboy Mansion, hell yeah he's getting my vote! Thanks for the tip, RNC!

(Hmmm...I'm picturing a follow-up ad where Bob Corker avows, "You'll never, ever see me with a woman like that Lothario, Hal Ford! Girls are icky!")


The one that got me was the anti-Ford radio ad where every time they talked about him there were jungle drums in the background.

Were it not for Diebold &c, I'd be almost happy about the desperation they're showing.


More fun in the Volunteer State...NPR had a report today about how a new anti-Ford ad that the RNC is running takes a swipe at Canada, insinuating that our neighbor to the North is "wimpy" on foreign policy. Canada's ambassador to the U.S. has called the White House to remind the President of his country's strenuous effort in Afghanistan, and how Ottawa is not pleased to be misrepresented in the course of domestic American political mudslinging. No word from Mehlman yet on how this commercial was magically created and aired, with no involvement whatsoever from the RNC. What I want to know is...what's the possible political gain for Bob Corker in attacking Canada? Is there some kind of rampant anti-Canadian bias down in Tennessee?


Maybe it somehow dates back to Lamar Alexander and his plaid shirts...

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