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J. Carson Black

Hate to say this, but I notice Visitor Girl is looking quite at home - and is that a nice new doggie bed you got especially for her?

Jeff Mariotte

No, that's her taking over Stormy's (who spends a lot of time in the closet this time of year, where the tile floor is cooler).

Jeff Johncox

lol, great pics....if there's one thing i miss about renting, it's dogs...best pets on earth...my friend and i have an ongoing fight about whether cats or dogs are better...i seem to win every argument with "a dog actually cares about you"...........jj



Fortunately Stormy's only literal about being in the closet; metaphorically, she and Visitor Grrl, AKA Karma, seem pretty up front about their Xena / Gabrielle relationship! :)

We still need a picture of demented boy in his Fez.

Stupid barn swallows. Mohawk baby didn't survive crash landing on the concrete floor of the carport, although Mom & Dad seem to find our Ratfink car antenna topper a great perch!

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