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Matt Forbeck

Congratulations, Jeff! Now I'm insanely jealous. I'm a big Spidey fan from way back. I can't wait to read your book.

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks, Matt! I know there are a ton of Spidey fans to try to please (and Jim Butcher's footprints to follow in). But no pressure...


Clearly, this book would be the perfect opportunity to delve in that most criminally under-utilized of Spidey villains...the Kangaroo.

Hey, Stan the Man couldn't come up with a Doc Ock or Dr. Doom every single time, y'know. ;)

Jeff Johncox

hmmm.....of the many, many spidey villains...how about an outside-the-box story of how spidey and the x-men used to be enemies? they hated each other at one time, remember?

bah, best i could come up with, anyway. or maybe spidey against an unusual opponent? like, fighting against wolverine or hulk?

marvel has plenty of villains, but the marvel good guys are the best characters...dc has plenty of heroes, but the bad guys are the best characters....wish the companies would finally just combine into marvdc and make everything fair game...jj

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