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J Limke

My initial reaction was, "They cribbed from Joe Walsh!"

I've always felt he had the best album title ever in "You Bought, You Name It".

I really can't buy the more pretentious or artistic interpretations that I've been reading. The "You Watched It, You End It" theory seems more simple and more likely to me. It's a great way to deflect the criticism of any ending Chase could\would have written. And, it allows for more critical analyses than are needed, because, truth be told, ever since Newhart, no one has ever been more ingenious with a series finale.

Now whether it was good or bad idea of Chase to end it this way is another, more technical, imo, argument.


Jeff Mariotte

Newhart's was a brilliant ending to a show that had started out wonderful but turned pretty weak by that time. I agree, this was a clever way to end a show that would have generated controversy and unhappiness no matter what they did.

And at least it wasn't a repeat of the truly execrable Seinfeld ending.


You'd better not let Allison Stewart hear you, or she'll be looking to collect her nacho party $$ from you... ;)

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