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Hi Jeff, congratulations on your Scribe awards. It sounds like it was an enjoyable presentations.

Wow, I'm envious that you got to carve your own Z with the original sword. I love the TV show when I was growing up and would watch it whenever I can. Sgt. Garcia always made me laugh.

Johnny Crow

Congratulations on your dual scribe awards. You truly deserve it. And I promise I will have a review of missing white girl. I am loving it... but so much has come up I had to stop reading everything for a little bit. Sorry to hear the con wasn't as good as I hear it usually is, but alas you sold out of your book and you got to wield the Zorro sword... I would say you came out ahead.

Jeff Mariotte

The sword will definitely live on in my memory as one of the coolest things I've done. The awards are great, too, but Zorro's been part of my life much, much longer than tie-in novels have...


So, is it a "real" sword, or a stunt sword rigged to not actually cut anyone?

That reminds me of a story James Cagney once told, about how he was almost killed making THE PUBLIC ENEMY. They used real bullets in a scene where a machine gun was fired at him, so that the bullets would hit and chip the brick wall behind him "for effect," but he was assured that the bullets would never actually come near him. Well, as the scene was being shot, Cagney tripped and fell to the ground...and an instant later, a spray of bullets passed over where he was standing.

Safety concerns seemed pretty lax in old Hollywood.

Jeff Mariotte


This was a real sword, but a fencing sword. It has an epee blade fit into a slightly modified saber handle. It has the typical blunted point of fencing swords, but could still do genuine damage.

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