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Cousin Jeff - those are extremely cool pictures. I love old cemetery pics, especially.

J. Carson Black

I love the San Pedro! In my first book, a horror novel, I had a murder in a then-abandoned house on the San Pedro--the one on Highway 90 with the enormous cottonwood tree.

The San Pedro is still one the most endangered rivers list, thanks to Ft. Huachuca and Sierra Vista.

Jeff - we're coming up on Dia de los Muertos. If you get a chance, go down to the big Nogales cemetery, Panteon Nacional, and hang out there on the day. Talk about crumbling spooky graves and giant, expensive mausoleums - you see the very very rich and the very poor all in one place. Not to mention paletas and marigold vendors and lots of good food.

Love the shot of the deer! What a peaceful, beautiful setting, well worth the mosquito bites. (I think. Time will tell.)


"Today I'm sore and itchy."

I thought you were Itchy and Scratchy. Oh, wait, that's a Simpson's cartoon... :P

Jake, we are en route to NY for World Fantasy (to see The Lima, among others!) on Dia de los Muertos this year. We'll try to remember to visit the Nogales cemetary next year...

Kelly J. Compeau

Wow, these are some great shots, Jeff. Sounds like you had a glorious time in the great outdoors, nasty bug bites notwithstanding.

Jeff Johncox

lol, yeah, really suffering taking gorgeous pictures in some of the coolest places on the planet!

but, then, i'd just bitch the whole time if i was out there, heh. i'm a city boy, so unless there's a train or a police siren nearby, and definite wireless internet access, i get a bit flustered :P

Jeff Mariotte

There's a train track nearby, Jeff, but it's dismantled--wooden ties tossed to the side, iron track long gone. No sirens. Lots of bird calls. And some insect that looked like a wasp, but about three inches long...

The bug bites are less itchy today, and the excursion was definitely worth it.

Jeff Johncox

I was thinking about this today. Yeah, I'm a city boy. I hated living in the country, sleeping in a totally dark room with no sound. Drove me nuts. But when we lived in New Mexico, and El Paso, I wish I had been old enough to enjoy our little adventures as a family more.

I wish I had had my digital camera when we climbed the mountain range outside White Sands.

I wish I had had my digital camera when we found the orphaned baby beaver when we were camping. But I was a kid, and I just bitched the whole time we did anything like that. Like when we went to the mines outside rodeo, nm.. thankfully, i've been able to enjoy every place i get to go with my job now.

jeff. you live in truly one of the most historical parts of the country. i hope your kids enjoy what you're able to show them...jj

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