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Yay for do-it-yourself technology options!

Deanna Hoak

I'm starting the new year with a cold, too--first one I've had in years! Here's to a healthy new year, though! Cheers!


Oh, please do publish a calendar! I found you this morning by searching Western Wilderness Calendar, as I finally prepare to bury the 1990 calendar that I was able to reuse last year. I loved that calendar.

Kelly J. Compeau

I love do-it-yourself graphic arts projects like this. A few years back I made a calendar featuring all of my pets. Not terribly creative, but ultimately satisfying, as one of those beloved pets died a while later, and it was important to me, for the healing process, to remember him with a very large photo that I could glance at every day for an entire month. Xander (my black bunny) is still deeply missed.

KJC (who is already making plans to create a Black Tower 2009 calendar for sale to the masses)


Jeff Mariotte


I tried to re-use the 1991 WWC this year, but stupid leap year messed that up! Then I thought I could switch to the '92 after Feb. 29, only to discover that '92 was a leap year so it still won't work. Glad to find I'm not the only one who hoards my old ones.

And Kelly, your pets calendar sounds great, too. Maybe I'll do that one of these years coming up.


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