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Johnny Crow

I like Reid for about 30 seconds, then he became a Republican and now I am ashamed I am from the same state.

Jeff Mariotte

Did you make it to the NV caucuses, Johnny? If so, what were they like?


The Democrats seem so paralyzed by the fear of appearing to be "obstructionists" again, they absolutely refuse to push issues to the point where Republicans will filibuster. I had hoped that the Dems had grown a spine in 2006, but apparently they're still all-too-willing to let the Republicans...who are now the minority, no less...bully them around on the Hill and direct the nation's agenda.

And of course, because things as a result are going to hell in a handcart, yet the Democrats are nominally in charge of Congress, it allows Bush and the GOP to try and blame everything on the Democrats, when in fact they're still calling the shots. And Reid and Pelosi just let them.

Y'know, we wouldn't have these frustrations if we'd just kept the monarchy in 1776....

Johnny Crow

I did make the caucus here in Nevada... it was very interesting. My district was small so very few people showed. In fact the only group show were the Obama group. However there were three other district in the room that I got a chance to see a bigger group. I went to a Middle school and there were 4 different areas for groups to go, which meant there were around 9 districts in the building or so. It was a lot of people. I was in the cafeteria area and there were about 200 people in there alone.

I started to help organize people into groups, help other find their districts and so forth. I was nominated and voted in as Permanent Chair for my district and I was elected a Delegate for the district for the County Convention on Feb 23. I am very excited about it all.

The biggest problem I saw was that even though people had spirit and motivation to do this, there were very little who knew the procedures. The democratic party needs to address this problem by teaching its Chairs and other delegates those things or where to find the information. My district won Obama by 100%. The rest of the room was split pretty evenly by half. Very few supporters for Edwards and only one that I saw for Kucinich.

It seemed to me there was a better organization in the Hillary camp but there was more enthusiasm in the Obama camp. Should be a good race... if they can stop bickering.

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks for the report, Johnny, and congratulations on your new positions of responsibility. I like the idea of democracy being more than a one-day thing.

Johnny Crow

Although other than some local elections being democratic, the U.S. Presidency is not. It is voted on by an elected republic. Which is why the United states is considered a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy that we tout it to be. Which is why more often than not people get confused or feel disenfranchised from the majority and feel their vote does not count.

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