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What discouraged me the most were the Clinton supporters in the audience who started chanting "No 'bama!" and "McCain '08!" after the delegate ruling was made. I'm guessing none of them recall the 1972 Democratic Convention, and how such petty dissent there split the party thoroughly enough to hand Richard Nixon an historic landslide (and this in spite of a recessionary economy and a wildly unpopular war on his watch...sound familiar, Democrats?).

So, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater, let's grow up, Democrats, and win!

Paul D. Storrie

What aggravates me the most about Hillary's claims that she "won" Michigan is DNC first announced that the Michigan primary wouldn't count, all the major candidates took their names off the ballot and Hillary CLAIMED that the only reason her name didn't come off was because she turned in her paperwork late. So, supposedly, she didn't want to be on the ballot either.

The cynic in me says that her paperwork was "late" as a way to hedge her bets. I was more credulous earlier on, but she's burning off all my willingness to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Paul D. Storrie

That first sentence should, of course, read "...when the DNC first announced that the Michigan primary wouldn't count..."

Jeff Mariotte

I don't think I had ever heard that part of it, Paul. It's unseemly to watch her campaign complain about not counting the votes there when those votes weren't meant to be counted in the first place and everyone agreed to it. I didn't hear the "Nobama" cries, but I heard "Denver! Denver!" and that was just as bad. They'll be sorry if McCain wins, because his America won't look anything like Hillary's would.

Jeff Johncox

I can understand the michigan confusion....but, seriously, florida was warned several times by the party.....why hasn't the DNC ever told florida voters "listen, your state party screwed you here?" I don't get it.

I mean, if any of the "protestors" understood anything at all, they'd realize their own state party screwed them over. Am I understanding what happened correctly? I mean, they went against the system with the only purpose of getting their name out there early enough thinking Clinton would run away with it and she would look better in the general election.

i think the whole thing is ridiculously hypocritical for clinton to take this stance on, considering her whole "every vote should have counted" in florida speech last year about the 2000 election. believe me, hillary, you don't want every vote in florida to count, cuz, really, you wouldn't have won by as much if obama was running ads and appearing in-state.

but, things work out for the best. the world moves on, and obama is the nominee...so...(watch Recount on HBO) no one stole the election :)

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