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I suppose it's too much to ask for cell phone companies to insist that cell phone manufacturers issue a two year warranty to go with the two year service contracts...

Kelly J. Compeau

Get a Nokia phone. I've owned 6 of them and they have never, ever failed me even once.
Right now I've got a Nokia cell/PDA with crisp, full colour screen and QWERTY keyboard, and I love it.

Johnny Crow

I have had my Motorola for about 2 1/2 years now and it is only now giving me reboot problems. I like them and their layouts. Other than that I prefer Samsung, they tend to have well made phones. I am looking to get one with a keyboard. Although the Nokia E70 was a phone I was looking at. It has a regular key pad but folds open into a qwerty keyboard and has more features than an iphone (which I would not recommend at all)

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