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J. Carson Black

Obama was brilliant today in his response to Bush/McCain. He showed strength, honesty, reason (hey! reason! Where did *that* go all this time?) and a firm grasp of the issues. He's younger, but he's the grown-up. Also, he can really twist the knife with a flourish, which I admire. He does it with disdain.

He said to Bush-McCain, you want to talk about national security? Bring it on. Anytime, anywhere.

We (Democrats) have had poor presidential candidates for the most part. Gore is a spectacular man but was a poor candidate, and so was Kerry. Wouldn't you know we'd have two stellar candidates in the same year? I keep falling in love with both of them. But Obama's got the nod and he's on his way.

Look out, McCain. Obama's coming for you, and you'd better be on your game. And so should the Bush-McCain ticket.


Perhaps the President can backpeddle on his (utterly tasteless) Knesset remarks by saying, "Oh, hey, I wasn't talking about Barack...I meant my own grandfather, Prescott Bush, who was a pro-appeasement isolationist who maintained secret business ties with the Nazis, even after we went to war with Germany."

Jeff Mariotte

Here's a quickie history of Prescott's deals with Nazi Germany, for anyone unfamiliar with the details.


Carl Dershem

As Ben Franklin said (and this is a paraphrase) There are few things that will be made worse by talking about them. Diplomacy is not a bad thing, and the folks that want to nuke Foggy Bottom are not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

Jeff Mariotte

Their disdain for the "reality-based community" really does say it all...

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