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Paul D. Storrie

After nearly 8 years of this administration, I've begun to wonder if there's any such thing as overly cynical.

Jeff Mariotte

An excellent point, my friend.

Rozetta Mariotte

Dear Jeff,
A great article on time. You hit his life both on and off the airways perfectly.

It is nice to know there are some honest newscasters out there. I agree with you about NBC/MSNBC Staff, They are the best. CNN doesn't even come close.


Rozetta Mariotte

That was supposed to be a great article on TIM, not time!


I don't think you're being overly cynical, but there could be multiple motivations... like hiking up prices so that right before elections Dubya can make it look like his party saved the day.

Also, this is hilarious but you have slow intarwebs. So if you're somewhere with high speed and speakers, watch http://imvotingrepublican.com/

jeff johncox

what i really want to know is, if we're fighting all these wars for oil.....WHERE'S THE GODDAMNED OIL?????

If we're dying for cheaper oil, can I please go back to what I paid on my 21st birthday? It was only 11 years ago. I paid 69 cents a gallon that day...just 11 years ago!!

And can someone tell me why I live in an oil producing state (oklahoma) and it was 10 cents per gallon less expensive next to the airport last year in boston than it was here in the oklahoma city area?

Jeff Mariotte

Yeah, the whole war for oil thing seems like it's got a flaw in it somewhere...

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