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Rozetta Mariotte

Moofus is such a cute cow. Too bad they grow up to look like the older cows. Is she a cow that gives milk? I don't really know the difference of what cows do or don't. If so, you could keep David in milk for the next few years.

Jeff Mariotte

You can't tell from that picture but Moofus is a boy, so he won't give milk. The older one probably does--but they don't belong to us, so we'd get in trouble if we tried to milk them.



Heh. :)

jeff johncox

lmfao at ghostface killa!
another larry david fan!
yeah, that cow is definitely in it for the EVIL!
Don't trust animals that willingly go, line by line, into a shredder. One day the cows will revolt!
I'm telling ya! They will revolt!

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