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Carl Dershem

So ... if the storm is a Chubasco, is the rain Chubasco Sauce?

J. Carson Black

We're not getting a thing! Congrats on the rain, and the wonderful scent of creosote.

Jeff Johncox

lol, last time I was in Arizona, in Tucson in 2005 to cover OU softball, it rained TORRENTIALLY every day...it was like 107 every afternoon and then t rained harder than I've ever seen it (and I live in Oklahoma, for God's sake, home of the thunderstorm) for like three hours every night. It came from the southeast (weird in north america) and was truly a damned monsoon, lol...flooded the streets....you guys are so dry all the time...when this stuff hits....does everything just shut down?

Jeff Mariotte

Our monsoon season has since started for real, with the kind of downpour you're describing. Yesterday was the first time I've literally had to pull off the road and wait it out, because visibility was down to almost the end of the hood of my car, accompanied by wind, hail, and lightning. I think some areas lost power, but for the most part people do try to go on with their lives because for that 6-8 weeks or so it's just going to keep coming around and coming around.

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