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J. Carson Black

I can't believe he's gone. They show him smiling and talking to the audience, and I think he's still here.

What a fantastic person, and the Irish Catholic MSNBC mafia is in deep mourning today. But right now, I'm watching a wake on Meet the Press, and God help me, I'm laughing through my tears. As an Irish political freak myself (not so much Catholic) I understand that passion. There's nothing like the horse race. If he didn't love every minute of his life, I'd be surprised.

Jeff Mariotte

I thought they did a really good job with yesterday's Meet the Press--sitting in front of Tim's table, not at it, sprinkling the memories with clips, even ending with Tim's favorite charities on the screen. A powerful tribute to a man who obviously had a huge impact on his colleagues, friends, and country.

Emotionally, the hardest thing for me so far was Matt Lauer's interview with son Luke Russert on Today this morning. What a bright, articulate, kid. He's a real testament to his parents' upbringing and influence, and whatever field he decides to enter will have a force to be reckoned with among them.

Today, I'm listening to Springsteen...

jeff johncox

can't remember in my lifetime seeing a more enthusiastic political reporter. he wasn't an analyst, by any means...he was a reporter, he was a journalist. the man would stare down anyone from any party and ask them what he thought the rest of us needed and wanted to ask.

russert was great to watch, and not because he asked those tough questions, most of the time to people you would think he'd have voted for, but because he was able to do it in an entertaining way and in a way that brought in casual political and news viewers. he drew you into him, because he seemed so damned excited to be there. i hope i'm that way at every sporting and entertainment event i go to to write about. i'm so damned happy to be doing what i'm doing for a living, i hope it's felt by those around me.

i know tim was excited to do what he did because he made me excited to watch him in his boylike wonder to be talking to the people he was talking to, but at the same time not backing down.

amazing job, tim....i hope i can someday emulate those qualities in my own journalism...jj

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