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jeff johncox

i cover sports for a living, but i still have trouble watching golf on tv unless i have a rare weekend day off and want to slip in and out of sleep all day long.

the final three days of this tournament had me glued to my tv. my dad was there thursday and friday watching tiger and phil playing, so i had a bit of family interaction going from the cell-phone course...but saturday through monday, i don't think i've ever EVER seen a tournament like it. it was brilliant to watch...jj

Jeff Mariotte

Phil was already out of it by the time I tuned in Sunday, which was too bad--I like watching him on his home-town course, and he seems like a good guy and a great golfer. But the Tiger and Rocco show was amazing TV.

Carl Dershem

And now it turns out Tiger was playing with a broken leg - a stress fracture of the same leg as his bad knee.

The man's concentration is just scary.

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