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J. Carson Black

Chris Cofina just said, "It's like he's playing Russian Roulette and just loaded the sixth bullet."

Jeff Mariotte

That was a great line. And so true.


There's an almost palpable feeling of panic surrounding the McCain campaign right now...and cutting and running on the debate, at a time when the people need to see some form of leadership being exercised by their supposed leaders, smacks of cowardice.

George Will sliding the blade between McCain's ribs is entertaining, true. But I'm more fascinated with Elizabeth Drew's recent thrust through the heart. She, you might recall, wrote the fawning CITIZEN McCAIN bio a few years back, but he's completely lost her now, and it's proving to be a bitter divorce.

Jeff Mariotte

Elizabeth's Drew's piece was very interesting reading. I have never been as sold on McCain as some of the people turning against him now--in 2000 he looked a whole lot better than Bush, but now he's like an older, angrier mirror image of Bush. But it's hard to invest a lot in supporting someone politically and then see that person transform into someone you can't support.

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