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Maybe that's what was rattling around in the laundry room last night, instead of a toad...


Honestly i´d run from these thingies *shudders*
I mean I often have grasshoppers in my room which seem to have no problem coming through a half open window in first floor but these things....


I'm just glad Dave Gerrold didn't know about these before he started the Chtorr series. Some people would never sleep again.


(runs and hides)

Kelly J. Compeau

Holy, crap, dem are huuuge! :-(

jeff johncox


that's like some starship troopers shit.

i hate bugs...i mean like deathly afraid...i don't know why (i blame indiana jones and the temple of doom)....was covering a high school game the other day and there were friggin' grasshoppers bigger than my foot attracted to the light off the cement and i thought i might explode!

Jeff Mariotte

I mowed the lawn this morning, and several of the horse lubbers didn't get out of the way in time (I moved a slow tarantula, but let the lubbers take their chances). Instead of discouraging, them, though, I'm afraid they'll just think of the new lubber-nuggets they find as fast food and come in greater quantities than before.

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