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jeff johncox

i'm starting to believe the snl debate parody closer when darrell hammonds (who is awesome at everything he does0 said, as mccain..."I just don't care anymore."

i mean, really...did they think palin would hold up? she's obviously a farce....did they think mccain had any kind of charisma? dude is old and has a giant tumor on the left side of his face...

did they think he could face off with what they called a world-wide superstar?

no....it's pretty much over....i just don't see how it can go on...even republicans have to be just laughing at the palin decision by now...it's really just insane

Jeff Mariotte

I'm starting to give some credence to the conspiracy theory that Palin will be replaced, but at the very last minute, with 10 days or so to go, so that whoever the new pick is won't have time to go from novelty to joke. It would fit McCain's pattern of blowing everything up just to change the subject, and at this point he's got to be feeling pretty desperate.

jeff johncox

i would like someone to check if she has a high school diploma at this point, because her interviews have been just ignorant

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