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jeff johncox

i don't know if you can actually watch this, jeff, cuz i know you're on dial up...but tina fey did palin saturday and...ummm..it was this interview with couric....

reading what she said in the actual interview compared with how fey did it? well, lol.....i'd think palin would be enamored with how fey portrayed her....oh my god, this is an actual vice-presidential candidate? please please please let her get to a vice-presidential debate as soon as is humanly possible....jj


Jeff Mariotte

I saw a clip from the Fey/Palin this morning--forgot to watch it on Saturday. If Palin had a sense of humor, she would love it.

The thing is, she might be ill-informed and politically the opposite of me, but I doubt if she's actively stupid. If the campaign had her out doing interviews (I think Joe Biden has done 90 since being named, as opposed to the 3 she's done) she just might learn to do it right. Keeping her under wraps might protect the campaign in the short run, but long term it can only hurt, because it focuses everyone's attention on the mistakes.

jeff johncox

ok, first of all, i take great offense to her linking people with passports to some kind of daddy and mommy fraternity....i dropped out of school in the mid-90s (for personal reasons i won't share here) and went back in in 2000....i started studying eastern european history and jumped on getting scholarships that would take me to study in a program in graz, austria...i flew into rome, spent a week in italy going through rome, florence, bologna and venice, then went to study in graz, where we then went as a group to study in vienna, zagreb, croatia, and maribor, slovenia....

i then went to the czech republic and germany before paris and eventually, home...

i didn't need my parents...i didn't need some special helping...i just friggin' did it the american way. i have a ton of student loans and then got a scholarship to go over there and study what i loved...lol

Jeff Mariotte

I was on my mom's passport at 6, because my dad was being transferred to a DoD position in Paris. I think I had my own passport at 13 or 14. You don't have to be rich to have a passport, or to want to travel overseas. All you really need is some intellectual curiosity about the world around you, and the willingness to work to satisfy that curiosity.

jeff. johncox

ummm....fannie may is one of my student loan providers...so FAIL BILL FAIL

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