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jeff johncox

i just watched the new iconoclasts with paul newman being interviewed by robert redford on imc....that wasn't too long ago....butch and sundance is one of my favorite alltime movies (jeff, you know my love of westerns), and i just couldn't believe he died...he was so damned vibrant and full of life in the iconoclasts show....

but then, i thought about my own grandfather, who went with us in july of 1995 to visit my uncle in atlanta...he was great, no problems in the world...then, when we got back to oklahoma, he deteriorated in a hurry, died in september...

it's amazing how quick god can come for you...hell, i know from experience....and i never thought i'd say that, lol...but when i was in my hospital bed with that weird pneumonia last jan.1 and went septic, well, you see a lot of stuff, and it comes quickly...stuff happens....i'm glad i made it out alive...i miss paul...great actor, a great philanthropist and an awesome american

Jeff Mariotte

That was a great show, with Newman and Redford. You really got a sense of the relationship between those two guys, who are both legends but didn't act like it.

jeff johncox

i just realized i posted this under the wrong subject, lol...but we'll run with it...

yeah...two american acting legends driving around in new england, just chilling in a hybrid, talking about stuff like it was me and my friend talking about an article we wrote last week....but their stuff just happened to be two or three of the greatest films ever made......and when they stopped, no one bothered them..it was like "oh, yeah, well, there's paul....oh, and apparently rob's with him," lol

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