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heh, actually, no, there should be no test, jeff...i mean, c'mon...she's an elected official..people ELECTED her...yeah, she's friggin' nuts, and quite possibly, insane (well, ok, the more likely thing is that she's just playing to all those idiot right-wingers who make up minnesota's weird-leaning right), but, she's elected....that's what our guys are fighting for, right? that's what my grandfather and my father fought for, right? the right for idiots to say crap like that. that's what makes america the antithesis of what she's describing. america is the place where an idiot and even a possibly insane idiot can rant like this and still be heard...and yeah, there are people listening, probably fellow idiots, but it's friggin' beautiful

Jeff Mariotte

Yeah, you're probably right...the people did elect her, and they deserve what they got. It's just scary to think that people so obviously imbalanced can wind up in positions of any power whatsoever.


i refer the owner of this board to the Hoover Administration :P

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