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Kelly J. Compeau

A friend of mine, who's on tour with his band in Phoenix right now, has been telling me it's hot enough to broil your brain in your skull. I guess it's the kind of thing you have to become accustomed to after living there for a few years, eh?

Jeff Mariotte

Theoretically one could get used to Phoenix heat, because millions of people live there. Fortunately I've never had to. Not sure I would want to get used to Phoenix crowds, either.


hey, it was 102 here in norman yesterday, and i had a lot of stuff to do around town and since gas is so expensive, i'm going with no ac....gah

and ok is like 60 percent humidity, or something like 120 percent...or maybe a thousand percent...

so, don't expect sympathy, jeff :P


when i was in tucson in 2005, we had the monsoons, and the afternoon was like 118...which i thought would kill me when i saw the temp...but, really, i was walking all over town like it was nothing...it really felt like 80 or 85...guess i'm used to ok humidity, i mean, i was wearing a shirt and a polo shirt on top of it in tucson...and i had to walk EVERYWHERE, that heat never bothered me, other than give me like, an immediate sunburn

Jeff Mariotte

Okay, none expected...

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