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Randy Johnson

Just from standing on the sidelines, Bachmann seems an even bigger loon than Palin. When her son joined Teach For America(which Bachmann had already denounced as re-education camps for kids), a newspaper article came out praising him for intelligence and good raising, his dedication to the common good, she sent out a fund raising missive claiming a hatchet job on one of her kids.
That bespeaks either a disturbing stupidity or just flat out lying, certainly not Christian attitudes(both hallmarks of the worst of these tele-evangelists though). I vote for some sort of combination of both.

Jeff Mariotte

Yeah, that's right up there with Palin re-directing David Letterman's joke, clearly aimed at her older daughter (the one with an out-of-wedlock baby) and pretending it was meant to make fun of her younger daughter.  

They have so much in common, including a predisposition to making incredibly stupid comments.


Sorry, my gag reflex is over-reacting.


wow, is it wrong for me to root for this ticket?
i think it'd be the best thing ever for rational human beings!
we can all get together in "not crazy" circles on college campuses!
we can make "weird" art with their pictures next to soup cans and tell jokes about how obviously femin-itastic! they are!
they obviously speak for the majority!
i mean, the majority is friggin' nuts, right?

Jeff Mariotte

I'm not sure... last time out the majority of voters exhibited some common sense, for a change.  But does that reflect the majority of Americans?  Or are most of us genuinely insane?  And are we brave enough to really want to know...?


i'm pretty sure we've found out in the past few weeks the majority of us are friggin' insane...i mean..i almost died in a hospital from some weird strain of pneumonia they couldn't put a finger on, and i kept telling them "i have limited insurance...stop treating me!" and well, they kept treating me...sigh, now i owe them more than 45k...for 13 days in the hospital, and they acually almost killed me cuz they messed up one of those days...and don't get me started on my 12 days of morphine then i get kicked out and on my own and i'm friggin' FEEMIN for morphine, thanks hospital!

ugg, yeah, there's a serious need for health care reform..maybe you have to be like me and almost die before you realize private practice blows...i'm all FOR socialist health care

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