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Carl Dershem


Have your publisher's lawyers talked to him yet?

Jeff Mariotte

I let my publisher know, but I only found out on Saturday, so none of the things I've done have had a chance to go into effect yet.


I would treat him as the studios do, go after him, his server and Google for copywrite infringement. Recently a friend got a cease and desist order from her cable/internet company because *they* got one from a Studio because she downloaded a TV show that can't be seen in America (how did they find out????). She was told if she did it again, not only would she owe thousands of dollars to the Studio, the cable company would turn off her service and she would go on a list.
check this out http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_tec_music_downloading

Jeff Mariotte

The Monday morning update is that Penguin's legal department has been notified, as has Lucasfilm, because the guy has Star Wars novels posted.  Other writers are getting on board and siccing their publishers on him. I have a feeling he won't be in business for long, but I'll keep checking.

Randy Johnson

I see he's no longer accepting donations. All books are free. That still doesn't sound right. You guys are still getting ripped off it seems to me.

Jeff Mariotte

No, that doesn't make it okay.  The fact that he was getting paid for our work is only a minor part of the whole problem--the bigger issue is that if people download free copies, we're not getting paid for our own work, and our publishers have no reason to put out our books.

One of the hosting sites has already contacted me and told me that they've dumped the files of my books on there.  I'm still waiting to hear from the others, and from Blogger.

This guy won't be in business much longer. Of course, now he claims to have another, invitation only site.  If anybody wants to email him and ask for an invite to that, be my guest so we can find out where it is and what he has there.

fyre Noname

for every pirated copy one legal copy sells, if you write good books any ebook pirate will tell at least one person, and then someone buys your book. but if all your books are crap like in your case no one will buy them then and you just look for people to blame your own FAILURE TO while what you should do is to just write better books then they will sell so good that you dont have to act as stupid as you´re acting here. get a life!

Jeff Mariotte

And here we have a shining example of a desperate thief trying to justify his own pathetic actions.  If you had a life, you wouldn't have to get your jollies stealing from others, and "explaining" it with made-up statistics.

Jeff Mariotte

And here's an idea for you, Mick, since you're apparently bereft of your own ideas and you seem to need a hobby...  If you truly like books (which seems doubtful--people who appreciate books wouldn't work so hard to drive authors and publishers out of business) then take down your piracy site(s) and start a blog where you can write reviews of the books you read.  Good, bad, whatever you really think.  For the books you like, post links to places where people can buy legal copies of them.  You'll be doing books and authors a service, instead of stealing from them.  If you do that, I'll actively promote your site in any way I can.

But if you don't, then you remain a thief--a willful, knowing thief, and no amount of phony justification changes that.  

Randy Johnson

I guess you really pissed him off, Jeff. I see he has a couple of yours up for free download now.

Jeff Mariotte

He has the same two that he's had up before, although hosted at a different place because the hosting sites keep dropping him.  But now he has also posted Boogeyman, which isn't my copyright--it's Screen Gems, Inc.  Now he's going to have Lucasfilm AND Sony's lawyers after him... getting worse and worse for the boy.


If the books you are pirating are no good, as you're saying here, then why are you even bothering with trying to sell them? If an author's books are crap, why are you promoting them? You're the one with the problem. You don't even justify a response.

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