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David Alexander McDonald

I'm less worried about the bar thing (after all, people have been schlepping their guns into bars since there were guns, just not telling anybody about it) than I am about the "brandish" law, wherein it becomes legal for a gun owner, feeling in any way threatened, to brandish a gun to stave off the perceived threat.

That's the one I expect to see going bad first. It's not as though some of these people are reluctant in the first place -- but now they have permission! And it's pretty well guaranteed that it's going to be happening in the absence of actual threat -- a half-assed argument should be enough. Hell, for some people, being a Democrat's reason enough to stick a gun in your face.

Still, we sure are doin' some fine revertin' to the 19th Century here in Arizona, ain't we?

Jeff Mariotte

Yes, that one's also concerning.  The mixture of alcohol and guns (or alcohol and rattlesnakes, but that's another story) is always a volatile one.  But you're right--there are likely to be people out there actively looking for "threats" just to give them an excuse to brandish their weapons.  And once a weapon is drawn, who knows what can happen?

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