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Randy Johnson

Health care versus profits was never so apparent a few years back when a major textile company in the state went belly-up here in North Carolina. The insurer(Blue Cross-Blue Shield) was going to step in and offer continued insurance to the out-of-work employees. Plus the government was to assume sicty percent of that bill to "lighten" the load.

Then the bills started to come in.

The one my sister and her husband received was for $5,200 a month, minus government help still a whopping $2080 dollars a month. My sister learned she could get insurance out of Virginia because she worked in one plant just across the state line for $900 a month for the two of them. Same company mind you. But then the rules changed. "Oh no, you must buy it in the state you live, not the one you worked."

Since that option would have gone through their savings in about six months, they become members of the unemployed(fingers crossed) for a couple of years.

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