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Randy Johnson

I've been a King fan for a long time, although since his near death accident, I've been less than satisfied with some of his novels. This sound interesting. A 1000 page King novel. A chance to get lost in one of his worlds. Oh boy!

Jeff Mariotte

This one really does create that sense that you're living inside the Dome with the characters--very immersive.

Kelly J. Compeau

King really is a master of the written word. I suspect I'll be a fan until the day I die.


I absoultly can't wait for this novel. I'm fifteen and have been an avid reader since I read The Running Man when I was nine. Since then I've knawed my way happily through all of Kings works began writing myself and perhaps more importently have read the greats, Doskiofsky, Camus, and the like. It's amazing that my intrest in reading and writing was spiked all because of one King novel and 8.50

Jeff Mariotte

That's awesome, Steven.  I'm sure Stephen King would be thrilled to know that too--touching young readers and igniting a passion for reading is one of the greatest rewards we can get in this business.



I would like to read this novel but I just need to know how bad is the language and scenes in this book is there any sexual scenes.

Jeff Mariotte

There's definitely some language in it, a lot of cursing.  There are some implied sex scenes but nothing terribly graphic that I can remember.

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