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Lorraine Richter

Your the one that is mentally ill, Im proud of Joe he finally got his backbone back. YOU GO JOE!!!

Jeff Mariotte

Umm, that would be "you're."  And "I'm."  Apostrophes are still part of the English language.


I'd suggest it's time for the Commander in Chief to do a little horse tradng. The Pentagon has been recommending closure of the New London, CT Naval Base for several years now, but Bush spared it largely as a personal favor to Lieberman, who has promised his constituents he would keep it open. Obama may consider dangling that in front of Joe to at least get him to sit down and stop being the mouthpiece for the insurance companies.

Times like this, one kind of wishes Lyndon Johnson was still kicking around Washington.

Jeff Mariotte

I thought he had Biden and Emmanuel to work the Congress, but Emmanuel keeps trying to give away the farm, and I guess Biden doesn't have LBJ's touch.  That guy could get stuff done.

Jeff Mariotte

What I really fail to understand are people who think the health insurance system is just hunky dory as it is.  It's a system in which a company's profitability is directly affected by refusing to do what it is they're supposed to do--if they refuse to pay claims, refuse to cover those who really need it, they make more money.  If they do what they exist in order to do, their profitability goes down.  Millions are completely uninsured, and millions more are underinsured, and at risk of bankruptcy if they should get sick or have an accident of some kind.  And we all pay more in medical bills and taxes to cover the uninsured when they're treated in emergency rooms, because they can't afford to go to regular doctors and therefore only seek treatment when things are really bad.

So how is the current system good for anybody?

If you could explain that, without the name-calling, I'd appreciate it.

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