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Randy Johnson

McCain seems to have become that doddering old man/caricature. Maybe it's time he put himself out to pasture. One can't help but wonder if he'd somehow won the election(shudder), who'd really be in charge: him, Palin, or some shadowy backstage figure(I'm thinking Chaney here).


McCain's outrage would be almost funny...he himself has exercised his senatorial privilege to deny a speaking extension to other solons; it's a not-uncommon procedure on the Hill...if one didn't shudder over the fact that this man was one of two choices for the post powerful office in the world a little over a year ago. It would be appreciated if he would save his rage for issues which actually matter.

Scott Ryfun

I'm just glad we could count on you to offer an unbiased account of his life for IDW.

Jeff Mariotte

Andy Helfer wrote the McCain bio comic for IDW, not me. He did a fine job with a complicated tale, too.

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