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Randy Johnson

Informative essay. I knew a lot of it, but learned much more. Thanks for the heads-up.

Conspiracies will always be with us, I suppose. Twenty years ago, I had a friend that used to talk about Tip O'Neil and the conspiracy he was a part of. Don't remember all the details, but his father and he were laying in a supply of unregistered weapons for the day when they would be taken away. Civilization was going to collapse within ten years or so.

Still waiting.

Then there was the fellow who said Bruce Lee wasn't dead, but in hiding from Asian Masters that didn't like him teaching us whites their secrets. He would emerge on the tenth anniversary of his "death." He'd moved on before that time came.

More recently I lost a longtime friend because of his ridiculous assertion that Michael Jackson was murdered by the white record establishment to foster exactly what happened: big sales of his music. Never mind that it was really criminal stupidity on Jackson's part and that of his enablers.

I sit back these days and watch all this BS about health care reform, all the flak thrown up by the right, the outright lies to obscure what's really happening. Any reasonable-minded can person see it.

I suppose that's a conspiracy as well. This one appears real though.

Jeff Mariotte

Wow, I never heard the Bruce Lee or Michael Jackson theories.  You're right, conspiracy will always be with us, and I'm sure there must be studies showing how and why they take hold among certain groups.  My guess would be that aggrieved minorities are most likely to embrace them as a way of proving that it's someone else's fault, not their own, that they are a minority of one kind or another.

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