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Randy Johnson

I've had experience with a sonic boom, though it's been a few years. I didn't find it pleasant.

Ah, the desert. My favorite sequence from the movie Eddie and The Cruisers was when Eddie was explaining to the band how he wanted his music to effect people. He talks about going into the desert and listening to the silence. Only if you know what to listen for, it's not silent.

Nature has it's own music and you certainly can't get that in the city.

Jeff Mariotte

I used to go hiking in the California desert a lot.  One day I was out with a friend and a stealth bomber flew low overhead.  We had barely seen any pictures of them at that point, and didn't hear it coming until it was almost right on top of us.  Very strange sight, out in the middle of nowhere, and then this high-tech black bird swoops past.

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