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Not a surprise, alas. Of course, coming from the guy who gave us GOPAC, and Reagan worship, it's not a surprise. What is a surprise is that anyone still listens to this clown. Someone so sleazy he couldn't even stay in a GOP-controlled congress should be back at home, slopping out the sewers, not showing up on national TV and treated like an authority.

Jeff Mariotte

It is hard to see where he has any credibility at all.  I guess the standards on the right aren't very high, but I don't understand why he merits being featured on the cover of TIME.


Keep in mind that "our" TIME is not the TIME of old. It seems to suffer from some real editorial schizophrenia these days. For instance, less than a year ago, they were proclaiming that if the GOP continued its hardline policies, it would rapidly cease to exist as any sort of political force. Now, they're putting Gingrich on the cover and publishing a story that would suggest that the Democrats can't possibly govern unless they give in to those selfsame Republicans across the board.

And NEWSWEEK isn't much better. I guess in the face of Fox News, the newsmagazines have concluded they need to be just as reckless with reality in order to sell issues.

Jeff Mariotte

I guess I'm just eternally optimistic about such people seeing the light, and then they keep surprising me by stumbling around in the dark...

Randy Johnson

The Democrats never seem to deal well with success. It looks like they are more worried about offending someone in those Republican strongholds they took in the last election(and North Carolina was one. I'm proud to say that, even if a lifelong Republican, I voted for Obama). They, like the GOP before them, appear more concerned about holding onto new found power than doing what needs to be done to even begin to straighten out this mess. See how well that worked for the GOP?

Jeff Mariotte

I think that's part of it--they won in places they had long since given up on, and now they're afraid to lose, which puts them in a more likely position to lose because it makes them afraid of bold action.

But I also think it's more complicated than that.  Democrats just don't seem as good at hardball politics as Republicans. Now it's also looking like they're not any better at governing, either.  That's more a problem for them because they're the party that believes in government, while today's Republicans believe that government can't work and they prove it by governing badly when they get power.  So if they can point to a Democratic congress that still can't govern, it just proves their point.  That's why they're so obstructionist.  

Of course, the Dems refuse to roll over them, possibly because they still want to convince themselves that government can work and that the Republicans will play nice if they're sweet-talked enough.  That's not going to happen, because the Republicans in office now have no interest in solving problems, all they are interested in is the next election.

The right wing has the most effective echo chamber in the country, too.  They've managed to discredit the New York Times and the Washington Post with a great swath of the electorate (mostly white males), while convincing them that Fox News tells the truth.  That's the sales job of the century, since it's so far from reality.  But the Dems are petrified of it.

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